This project maps out the social network of several influential literary and scientific figures in early twentieth-century Britain. It began as a companion project to my dissertation, "Zoological Modernism: Literature, Science, and Animals in Early Twentieth-Century Britain," which examines the mutual influence between modernist literature and modern science in texts by H.G. Wells, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Charles Elton, Julian Huxley, and J.B.S. Haldane, and in the Secrets of Nature films. Recognizing the points of intersection and mutual influences among these figures, I became interested in the biographical episodes that brought them together: the visits, book reviews, footnotes, friendships, rivalries, and gossip that constituted this little-noticed mesh of literature and science.

The website is an ongoing project, so if you have suggestions please let me know! I can be reached at cari.hovanec@gmail.com. The web programmer, Andrew Leathers, can be reached at andrew.leathers@gmail.com.